February 20, 2019 2 min read

Our Monday Mug of the week -sold out in 25 mins. F*ck me there are a lot of Emma's out there!   We now have a new batch arriving tomorrow so go ahead and pre-order yours as they will not be available for long.  

We will be featuring different names/slogans for the Mug of the week.    If you want your name, please email or comment on our socials, we will choose the names with the most engagement. We will of course have to feature a Karen or Susan soon or they may complain to my Manager. #FFS.

Joke Du Jour

In honour of Paddys day coming up soon, we are going to honour our Irish customers.  (side note -my mum is Irish from Co Kerry so I consider myself a bit of a paddy) 

  • Paddy rings his new girlfriend's door bell, with a big bunch of flowers. She opens the door, sees the flowers, and drags him in. She lies back on the couch, pulls her skirt up, rips her knickers off and says "This is for the flowers!" "Don't be silly" says Paddy, "You must have a vase somewhere!"
  • Two Irishmen leave a funeral. One says to the other, "Twas a beautiful ceremony." "Twas", says the other. First says, "When I pass, would you pour a bottle of good Irish whiskey over my grave?" "Of course", says the second, "but would you mind if I run it through my kidneys first?"
  • What's the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish wake? One less drunk.
  • Why are there no Irish lawyers? Because none of them could pass the bar.

What's Irish and sits in the sun? Paddy O'Furniture.

What's New Pussycat

I'm Frecking Irish

  • We want to design a mug for paddy's day,  if you have any ideas for funny inappropriate slogans or you like the idea above - let us know at info@theinappropriategiftco.com ​
  • The Sydney Gift Fair is on this week - we are soo excited. This is where we get to browse all the inappropriate gifts we want to provide for you this year! 
  • ​To make room for these new products we are clearing out stock so make sure you check out BUDGET BEN'S BARGAIN BASEMENT - all stock must go! 
  • We are currently working with Bronson from #MAFS (he is such a lovely guy) more news to follow next week on his inappropriate range, if there is anything you would like to see let us know... #BRONSONFORBACHELOR 

Desk NutZ will be in stock next week. Feeling stressed at work? pop these under the desk and fondle your worries away....lol


Each week we will bring you our recommendations of what may make you smile.

Facebook site of the week: Rate My Selfie (a closed group) full of dodgy selfies... does life get any funnier?

Cartoon of the week: The Flamin Thongs.  My kids were watching this and I stumbled across it - it's bloody hilarious. Follow the disaster-prone plans of the dysfunctional Thong Family - parents Trevor and Brenda, their 12 year old son Holden and 14 year old Narelle. 

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