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WTF Wednesday #43

3 min read

WTF Wednesday #43


GOT peer pressure

This week we are focusing on the legend that is Game Of Thrones.   I must admit I was not a watcher of GOT.  I am now. I thought I had better get up to date so I have now seen Series 1.

In summary for those who are not yet converted... there is a lot of slicing of heads (humans, dogs and horses)  Lots of boobs flopping around (no such luck with any male appendages).   Jason Momoa, dragon eggs, cold landscapes, hot fires, and my new favourite character of all time - a person of short stature named Tryion who has our sense of humour!  

Thank you to all of you who emailed in suggestions for a new #GOT mug.  

Here are some of our favourites: 

  • "If King Joffery was any more inbred he'd be a sandwich"

  • "How did a mad f#cker like you live this long"

  • "Seems every bad idea has some Lannister c#nt behind it"

  • "6-8 inches of snow tonight. Sounds good to me!"

  • "Everyone is mine to torment"

  • "I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards and broken things"

  • "If you think this had a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention"

  • "There's no cure for being a c#nt"

  • "twincest" Noun. A whole new way to go f#ck yourself"

  • "Everything before the but is bullshit"

  • "Next time I have an idea like that punch me in the face"

  • "If you think it will be a dwarf sized cock - think again"

Let us know which one you would buy by commenting on socials or emailing us at

Tyrion Lannister

Joke Du Jour

Meghan Markle and Amy Shumer gave birth to baby boys within hours of each other yesterday.   (I wonder if they both had s#x at the same time?)   So our jokes have a baby theme this week... 

A baby's laugh is one of most beautiful things you will ever hear. Unless it is 3am, you're home alone and you do not have a baby.  

Me to hubby: "I'm bloody exhausted I was up with the baby until 4am" his reply: "it's probably not good to keep the baby up that late".

Random person to a parent holding two babies: "Hey! Are those twins?" Parent: "Triplets, actually. I just leave the ugly one at home."

A small boy was awoken in the middle of the night by strange noises from his parents’ room, and he decided to investigate. As he entered their bedroom, he was shocked to see his mom and dad shagging for all they were worth. “DAD!” he shouted. “What are you doing?” “It’s ok,” his father replied. “Your mother wants a baby, that’s all.” The small boy, excited at the prospect of a new baby brother, was pleased and went back to bed with a smile on his face. Several weeks later, the little boy was walking past the bathroom and was shocked to discover his mother giving oral gratification to his father. “DAD!” he shouted. “What are you doing now?” “Son, there’s been a change of plan,” his father replied. “Your mother did want a baby, but now she wants a BMW.”

Little Johnny asks, "Mommy, where do babies come from?" His mother replies, "The stork brings them." Little Johnny, puzzled, asks, "Then who f*cks the stork?"

What's New Pussycat

We are so excited to be working with Rockstar Mums Drink Champagne on her signature range of mugs as part of our celebrity range. 

Rockstar mums blog gave us the hilarious MAFS recaps.  The mugs should be in stock next week.  Get your kids to buy you a gift voucher so you can choose your own mothers day gift.

What will make you smile

Warning this You tube video is quite detailed and explicit (you may need to turn the volume down if you are watching at  I wish this s#x education had been around at our school! The sex education school fails to teach you.

Look at how happy Prince Harry is at the birth of his new baby boy

Prince Harry is finally a dad  


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