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WTF Wednesday #44

2 min read

WTF Wednesday #44

Mike Mug

Our Monday mug of the week belongs to Mike... because we all know a Mike! 

It's our 1 year anniversary since we appeared on Shark Tank Australia.   This time last year I was with  #BudgetBen and our friends and we were all getting pissed waiting for our episode to air! 

What a difference a year can make and while our exposure on National TV certainly helped, it is actually you guys that we owe our success too.   Thanks for all your support on socials, by opening this newsletter and by spreading the word about our cheeky gift store. 

We are still the same team that started 18 months ago - Me, Budget Ben and Sophie (our wonderful head of customer experience).  If you want read about our Shark Tank journey you can click here.

We love what we do because essentially making people smile makes life fun again for us and our mission is all about #makinglifefunagain.  Our vision is to be the HOME of inappropriate gifts.    

We are here to make you smile, so please please let us know if there are any products you want to see in our store.  We also send regular feedback surveys - yes Karen, we know how busy you are but if you do get a chance please give us some honest feedback - only companies that care about their customers are going to grow and we want to spread our inappropriateness!

Andrew Banks Shark Tank

Joke Du Jour

In honour of the fact we have to vote this weekend here are our political one liners  (just so you know, we don't really support any political party- we think they are all as bad as each other).

  • Talking climate change to anyone voting Liberal or Labour is like trying to explain social media to a 70 year old.
  • I think we should get rid of democracy. All in favour raise your hand.
  • Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.
  • My favorite mythical creature? The honest politician.
  • The worst part about working for the department of unemployment is when you get fired you still have to show up the next day.
  • What's the difference between a politician and a flying pig? The letter F


What's new pussycat

Christian Hull backstage with tigc

#budgetben and me, backstage at the Sydney Comedy Festival with our favourite inappropriate friend-  Christian Hull. His #CompleteDrivel show was HILARIOUS . See his inappropriate collection below. 

What will make you smile

Any parents will know how bloody annoying Peppa Pig is - BUT have you listened to the #Inappropriate Peppa Pig?  - This wins the internet for me this week! Inappropriate Peppa Pig 

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