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Best Gifts to Buy a Cancer this Birthday!

3 min read

Best Gifts to Buy a Cancer this Birthday!

If you have a Cancerian in your life, you are in the right place! We have curated a list of gift ideas that are perfectly suited to celebrate those born under the Cancer zodiac sign! 

Known for their loyalty, compassion and abundance of love on offer, it's easy to make friends with a Cancerian, the big issue is trying to get rid of them, they'll stick to you like dog shit on the sole of your shoe!

With an unwavering need for love and emotional support, a gift from the Inappropriate Gift Co will help give them a little bit of what they need, for a short period of time. With this in mind, we've suggested products they can be used multiple times, for example a mug is a great idea. They'll use it every day and remember someone out there gives a shit about them. 

On this note, avoid anything that will give them fleeting joy - a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, these types of gifts will be over all too quick and that dog shit will be wedged back in the sole of your shoe, starving for love and affection! 

With the symbol of the Cancer star sign looking an awful lot like the number 69, this might be one gift idea, however, if this doesn't feel appropriate for the type of relationship you're in, or the gift is for your boss or your nana, here are some other great gift ideas for Cancerians;

1. A mug, because every morning, when they have their cup of cccooooffeee (or tea, or bourbon, or whatever they feel needs to be put in it), they'll be reminded that they are loved, even if the mug is a shit translator. 


2. This is one of those gifts that your Cancer friend will be able to use time and time again, every time validating your love for them, which we hope will reduce the neediness. 

3. Well isn't this the sweetest little inappropriate gift! Your Cancerian friend would love to know someone thinks they're awesome! They spend so much of their time making everyone else feel great, this is the perfect gift to return the kindness!

4. Being the zodiac sign of winter, the best friend blanket is the perfect, snuggly gift to say, I love you to your BFF, and with a bunch of inappropriate one liners like "friends are like fat thighs, they stick together", it will also provide a good laugh!

5. This hilarious card game will have you and your Cancer bestie in hysterics. They do have a great sense of humour, so indulge that with a fun game!

6. This one will keep your Cancerian happy for an hour or so while you're out running errands. 


 Budget Ben is a Cancerian, so we do have a soft spot for them! Although Ben is pretty needy, he constantly needs Lori to stop spending money and offending people. What does everyone think Budget Ben should get for his birthday this year?  Maybe a new plant pot? 

A stubby Holder.. 

we don't hide crazy stubby holder  fun gifts

We all know the way to a Cancer's heart is through their stomach! 

Maybe cook them a lovely meal... with our penis pasta.

penis pasta fun gifts inappropriate gifts for people with a sense of humour

Because they are carb fiends, our cancer friends may find themselves a few extra kilos more than they want to be.  Help them lose weight with our :

Sarcastic portion Control plate..

sarcastic portion control plate

We hope our gift guide helps to keep the Cancerian in your life happy and in doing so provides you with some respite from their neediness! If all else fails, tap into those mummy issues and cradle them in your cleavage then feed them cookies and milk until they fall asleep, then throw over the best friend blanket and leg it out of there! 

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