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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Couples

2 min read

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Couples

Valentine's Day can feel a bit stale after you've been together for years, but it doesn't have to be boring. While the traditional flowers and chocolate are nice, why not lean into laughter and a bit of naughtiness with these fun gift ideas carefully curated by the team at The Inappropriate Gift Co.

These funny and thoughtful gift ideas are specially tailored for long-married couples, even if you both endured other long marriages before finding each other! 

  1. Why not plan a romantic night at home with a dinner for two? Make it fun and set the table with these hilarious Sarcastic Portion Control Plates 🤣

  2. Nothing says romance like a candle. The Inappropriate Gift Co has a great selection of candles but the most perfect for Valentine's Day, is the Light Me When you want a blow job (wickless candle). Ladies this will also help test out your husband's ingenuity (or desperation!).

    ...sorry men, the birthday candle is not included 🤣
    DIY BLowjob Candle

  3. We think this mug sums up married life pretty darn well, "Here We Go Again", whether it's another kid, another job, a new house, or whatever other challenge gets thrown your way, one thing is guaranteed, Here We Go Again, will become a mantra after a couple of decades of marriage!

  4. Make this Valentine's Day one to remember with some Willy eggs for breakfast! 

    Inappropriate Willy Egg Fryer
  5. Fuck off spray!

  6. Along the Willy eggs, eat some dick theme...Penis Pasta

    Penis Pasta

  7. Bring me beer socks...note these are unisex! 

  8. Match the Cocks dominoes! I bet your husband would jump if you said you wanted to play a cock game on Valentine's Day!

  9. More Cock Shaped food! Want to get a willie in your mouth this Valentine's Day? 
  10. A romantic bath perhaps? Try spice it up with a Beer Bath Bomb 😍

  11. Want to send a thoughtful and handmade gift but with a practical message to your better half this Valentine's Day? 

Well, there you have it, The Inappropriate Gift Co's thoughtfully curated gift ideas to spice up those long-term marriage sentences you've been enduring all these years. 

We recommend keeping it simple, don't overthink it - the perfect gift is something that shows how well you know your long-time spouse. Get creative with funny gifts to make it a Valentine's Day they'll never forget. Remember laughter really is the greatest gift of all, unless your date is laughing at your performance in the bedroom.... that's just awkward!

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